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Taco Truck

Guest Isaac Arisean

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Guest Isaac Arisean

Hello I and my brother Brandon Chunk would like to start a taco truck business. It would greatly benefit the city because we could specifically drive and cater to events, we could be called by anyone to come drive to them for their food, we could have stationary trucks that form a community, and it would possibly give some folks jobs. Taco trucks are low cost ($18,000) and I do not believe we must be millionaries to start this business. We could have street tacos as our main item, beans and rice as a side such as how burger shot has fries, jarritos (Mexican soda) for the beverages, and a bunch of other things. The fast paced nature of it would probably leave us out of the question of actually making the food ourselves though, unless we had some sort of tiny HQ with a tiny kitchen and cooks. Then trucks could come and pick supply up. People could ring our trucks and BAM food ASAP, we could also provide convenience store items like beer, etc. I really hope you consider this and get back to Brandon on discord. His discord is Cryptic Fear and all you have to do is @ him on the familia discord.

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