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UwU Cafe Ownership

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my name is Raphtalia Raven and I've been a member of the community since late November/early December. In my short time within the server, it's been a blast of great times. I've learned a lot and I honestly enjoy some of the places I get to visit on a regular basis such as Burgershot, Pillbox, Skyclub and black Dragon. One of the things I wasn't aware of was how most places are ran by gangs when I first arrived. They usually are used to wash their money into-- pay their staff with items because they provide armour as well as a way to make their own personal money-- leaving the place closed for months on end and only opening the place up for a few minutes.

I am aware there are owners of these places-- their reasons are that they keep on getting raided by others and cannot open because they are a gang running the place. I propose we find more civs to take over these kinds of places so that we can have more RP established zones within the community. Examples being UwU cafe and Black dragon-- both of these places are frequently raided and therefore, they wish not to open.


I'm a hard worker-- I spend hours on end providing the best rolling paper out there that I can while keeping a positive and enjoyable vibe. I fell in love with UwU cafe when I joined the city--- spent 5 days straight trying to join and once I did, was let go after two days for reasons unknown. It was very heart breaking to me because I saw a really enjoyable future for myself. I had event plans, promo idea's-- even offered to do all the graphic design work for free just so we can get the place back up and running again since many complained they had been around for a while and it was never open till I started working there (Keep in mind, for 9 hours straight I'd work).

I have groups of people ready to work there if I ran the place-- willing to pay money to import a delivery food truck so we can also be mobile in city with our business. My idea's are endless and I believe I have a strong dedication to make this one of the top places in the city if given the chance. Grinding out the hours to craft and sell the food. Setting up a proper website for the place so many can see how active the place can be. Making active promotions to bring in customers and the best part about it is, it'll be civ ran. Meaning there should be comfort for those who aren't in gangs to join and not have to worry about gang beef going on and getting raided. We would support the community and make sure those in need were taken care of like family.

I've been able to make such amazing connections with many gangs around the city while working EMS. I'd pay my staff really well by making sure they get what sales they make. The discord server that I'd make would be very active and have weekly events-- actual proper opening times with staff there to keep the rolling paper going. I'd do enjoyable giveaways like Dono tickets, mystery boxes, art commissions for peoples characters, photography packages and more!

I'd treat my workers with care and respect-- making sure they are taken care of and keep themselves active and actually enjoying working for a change. I'd stream fun events within the establishment, bringing in more good community members so that everyone can have a fun time being on familia blue!


If I could import the food truck livery, I'd run delivery services so people can call us for food at any point in time! There would be hands on care with this business and always active every single day. There would be cute staff channels on discord to show off my hard workers, promotions, cafe shows just like a proper Maid cafe. I want this place to flourish and really be something in the community. I'm very serious about my dedication and I hope it shows. No price is too high when you have a passion for something like this, so please name your price if that's what you'd need.

This being my first community, I only want what's best for it. I want to bring back amazing RP. I want to bring a safe space for people to enjoy and be able to escape the gang violence for a little while. I want to bring a smile to peoples faces where there hasn't been one for a while. A clean business that's apart from the others which can really stand out. Perhaps even support the other businesses in doing collab events!!

All I ask is that you take my words into consideration and think about it. It would be an honour to own UwU cafe. The city needs change and I believe I can help be that change with UwU cafe. 

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